Monday, November 15, 2010

Touristy anniversary post.

Last week was Mr S.'s and my anniversary. Since it came in the middle of the week we figured we'd go up to the city and have dinner over the weekend. Figuring the rest of the day we would just play things by ear. This is pretty unusual for us.

I've been obsessed with a new to me discovery of finger limes. I don't know what my deal is - but I am obsessed with them. I thought the ferry building might sell some. But they didn't.

We sort of hung out in the touristy areas. Areas we tend to avoid - because well.... of the tourists and homeless. San Fransisco was pretty empty. So it was enjoyable.

Mr S. led us in the direction of this park where the parrots live. I guess I never realised it was right there at the ferry building. A couple of times a year they talk about the parrots of San Fransisco on the news. I always thought for some reason they lived around coit tower. On the news, they make it seem like a bucolic little area of the city.

In real life the park is filled with homeless. And there must be a hundred of those effing parrots. Which make a ton of noise.

I mean, imagine. In the amazon, parrots have tons of space to be noisy. The birds in SF basically congregate in an area about the size of a third of a block. It's an interesting spot to run across to be sure. Yet not as tranquil as you might expect. And certainly not bucolic like the news always plays it out to be.


  1. The park is probably half way between the Ferry bldg and Coit tower, so I bet you could split the difference. Never heard of finger limes, but will have to check them out. Sometimes when I go to touristy areas, I like to pretend to be a tourist and get chatty with the other visitors. Believe it or not being able to pretend that you are from another city can make these places quite fun.