Friday, November 05, 2010

The love tagger.

The past couple of days I have been trying to center myself. I think pretty much everyone was agitated over the constant race politics. And even though I don't think this new crop of people will be that great - it just feels calmer somehow with a little anticipated push back.

I mean, California is still falling off a cliff. But - techland is starting to show a pulse and that makes me feel comforted. It means they anticipate the rest of the nation will start to feel a little better.


Okay. Before I start my segue I have to laugh a little. I never tell anyone I'm changing directions. That is progress people.


Yesterday I spent a good deal of time getting lost in S. Valley. I could have placed the address of the place I was going to into GPS and it would have led me right there. Sometimes I just don't want to. I think it makes part of your brain atrophy. I like to go old school.

This is when I ran across this tagger. It seems simple enough. Most people might not even notice it. The style though reminded me of a shot I got a few months ago on an overpass on the 680. At the time I mocked it because it seemed so amateurish.

Clearly though - this is someones "style". Now I kind of like it. I'm going to have to keep an out out for them. This tag was well far away from where I saw the first one.


  1. I'm always amazed at some of the truly accomplished art that goes into some graffitti. Even a three-letter initial tag gets the deuluxe treatment. I think they should have competitions for these "street artists." And then actually HIRE them to paint over some of the urban blight out there.

  2. Yeah. I've grown to really love grafiti. Here - they are even using reflective highway paint for tagging. So you can see it at night. Which is helpful.

    It seems like all the delivery trucks are fair game. They don't even repaint them. Why make a clean white canvass for them?