Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mary doesn't live here anymore - is staying at your moms place?

One of the more interesting things that happened over the holiday season, was that his mom called a couple of days before Thanksgiving to let Mr S. know that Mary was going to stay at her house for the holiday.

His mom, and her mom are life long friends, as I explained in this post. Her mom was having a big holiday thing and didn't have enough room for everyone to stay over. So Mr S.'s mom pulled the spillover.

I wanted to ask a million questions. But Mr S.'s family and mine are completely different. Everything is a secret in his family. But everyone knows all the secrets. Which is frustrating because nothing scandalous ever goes on. Still you just can't ask that many questions because you don't know who is suppose to know what. And anyway.. maybe the Internet made Mary out to be crazier than she was. Who am I to gossip about her?

I was busy anyway, and pretty much put the whole thing out of my head.

The day after Thanksgiving, Mr S's sister calls. She was kind of in a big lather. Did you know this? Do you know that? She asks.

Mr S. - Yeah. I googled her.

Still from her reaction, she was not prepared for the level of crazy that Mary has apparently become. She had the same reaction as Mr S. That girl was so normal, can I just turn up crazy one day?

At any rate. I am kinda enjoying the whole thing in a weird way. My family was completely dysfunctional and I've been trying my whole life to surround myself with functional people. Mr S's family has really been very boring this whole time with family drama. Now the crazy is creeping into their world.

It is just fascinating.


  1. Wow, that's weird. You'll never guess what Keyser's computer was playing when he read this. That's right. "Annie doesn't live here any more" How's that for a coincidence?!