Sunday, November 28, 2010

I got a sledgehammer for xmas. What did you get?

On Friday, Mr S. woke me up in excitement and said - We get to play Bioshock all day!.

I had completely different plans. I wanted to rent a concrete saw. Our patio had been bugging us the whole time we've owned this place. It is just a shitload of concrete. But of course, the way they laid it - you just can't chip the pieces off uniformly. Two of the pads had pointy bits that needed to be cut off.

This is the kind of project that is so small, it's hard to get anyone to do it. And really - it is always good to try the projects yourself. That way you know if you are underpaying your contractors or overpaying them.

Cutting concrete was remarkably easy. We were going to rent a jackhammer, but opted to just sledge out the three pads. Which we got done in about 6 hours.

Regrettably though... you rarely use the sledgehammer muscles. So today, you kind of wish you'd payed someone half your age.

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