Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's been four days since you looked at me.

Most often when I stop blogging, I find it hard to start back up. I just have too much stuff stored up for stories. Nothing seems interesting to tell. So, I'm just going to update you on the week and hope it gets me back on track.

Last week Mr S. started complaining about his foot being injured. Or maybe it was two weeks ago now. By Thursday or Friday it had been hurting him for a couple of weeks.

Being female - I didn't really think much of it. We are walking on jacked up feet all the time. We wear shoes that eventually make some women have bunions. You essentially create a second toe baby. That eventually you have to have ground off.

By the end of the week though, it was clear he had been to the Internet to self diagnose. Now I don't believe in heaven and hell. But, when something is wrong with you - the Internet is the devil. It can work people into a complete lather.

Lather. What is this lather! Rabies? What! I've got freakin rabies!


No matter how many times I told him he didn't have gout - I wasn't going to cheat him out of his rabies. I mean gout. No amount of - Baby.. you don't even have any risk factors. Still he was completely married to this idea. And I'm not sure at this moment if he still isn't somewhat convinced.

I even tried - look, when your body gets unhappy about something and wants you to modify your behaviour - it is never something that you are okay giving up. It is always thing you hate doing. Since that doesn't apply in this case - you don't have gout. Your body never says - hey, I notice you don't like eating any of this stuff. Your lucky day. I'm giving you this affliction so you are never tempted. NO.

It is always "shit, I have to give up eating cheese"?! I LOVE CHEESE!

He eventually did go to the doctor yesterday and is now on prednisone. The doctor was not conclusive about the rabies. I mean gout. Which is why he still thinks he has it.

Hopefully the idea that feet are assholes will calm his nerves. The funny thing about feet is - the cure is often worse than the affliction. Once they start talking about putting needles in your feet. People tend to wait it out. Until the idea that needles in your feet will somehow feel better than what you have.

This is after he got a stomach thing this weekend that I wasn't sure I was going to have to take him to the hospital for.

We are both pretty anti doctor. So, when either of us starts talking about needing to go, it creates a lot of anxiety.

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