Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yeah, that's right.

It isn't so much I'm not trying to get you interesting stuff. It's just stuff isn't that interesting.

I went to a laser thing today, and apparently if you've seen one laser - you've seen them all. I know! What is this world coming to if I can't get excited about lasers?

There was one thing I found interesting. It had to do with holographic displays. Which is simultaneously hard to describe and capture. And, these guys were crowded around it like the shroud of turon.

I got the impression they weren't going to let me take pictures of their super secret projection of images onto glass.

So there you go. Bubkis.

At least when I got out I realised that the media is so bored - they were still all over at the cult of Steve. 5 hours later. I didn't even leave my house until two hours after Apple announced. So, it isn't just me.


  1. It's just stuff isn't that interesting.

    Keyser hears you, sister!

  2. I don't understand the obsession with it myself either, but then again I have my own obsessions so who am I to talk. If you really want something interesting, then I suggest you go urban exploring with me and we'll break into some places that could get us into trouble.

  3. Interesting for me is stuff that makes me insomiac!

  4. Yeah. I'm up. I mean - I think I am. Depends on how urban and how much trouble.

    Hey! Maybe Steve could have put that Ipad in water. Then it could have made my whole CES experience come full circle.

    Even at that lazer thing. Crap in water.

    I guess we are going to be living under the sea.