Friday, January 22, 2010


You know that old saying "we are from the government and we are here to help"?

I think they should change it to "we are from the government, and we didn't see this coming".

How an administration had such a blind spot to unemployment - I will never understand. I mean, it's a huge - block out the sun kind of blind spot.

Yet, somewhere from when I wrote this post in September, and December - I started to feel out of sync with the nation.

I was sure if people weren't rioting in the streets after Christmas, we were just going to take it. I started to marvel at the tolerance of people, and couldn't understand why they weren't pissed off. I started adjusting my expectations and settled in for max pain.

As jaw gaping as this whole year has been, many times I just had to resolve myself to saying "the world just needs to continue to burn for them to figure it out. It has to happen this way for them to learn". After all, the nation seemed to be in this corporations are evil mode. I thought.. maybe they didn't want jobs. Knowing full well I might be caught in the rubble.

The recession has taught me that Americans are a complacent bunch, and the only thing that wakes us from our slumber is huge painful life altering events.

In the last month, I started telling Mr S. "I think people might finally be getting mad". But, by this point we'd both become skeptical. So we just shrugged it off.

Then the Brown thing happened, and it was like the whole world stopped. Like the administration hit a brick wall going a hundred miles an hour. Honestly today I feel like I woke up in a completely different world. Bernanke is getting shit, people are reversing themselves on the global warming crap. The health care bill is in jeopardy, and the President Money Bags all of a sudden thinks jobs are important.

I mean... what the hell happened? I think I might have whiplash. I mean, I'm happy. But, I'm fascinated at how quickly that whole thing turned.

I only wish this wasn't Schwarzenegger's last year in office. I want to vote him out just for spite. That guy - I wouldn't be surprised if in a few years he turned up with Alzheimer's like Reagan. He has just turned into some sort of a crazy guy. Constantly spouting movie cliches. To reinforce this thought, just this week he mixed up Feinstien and Boxer. Here.

After all, I can't really hope California would toss any of the libs out. Can I? One thing at a time I guess.


  1. You seem to specialize in insane politicians. Small wonder CA is for all intents and purposes bankrupt.

  2. Yeah. Small wonder. Everyone from firemen to sanitation workers retiring with 200,000+ dollar pensions. Here.

    I can't ever see that as being a problem.

    We will see how that all works out. Not well I suppose. Hope Leno is front and center when this place burns. But of course, his district is partly Marin, and they hardly look to be touched at all by the recession. It's fantastical to visit.

    I think they all feel that they can squeek this thing by until next year and it will be someone elses problem. Good luck with that.