Sunday, January 03, 2010

People are weird.

I'm going to re-use this photo from this blog post. Because I can - and you will be happy about it.

I hope to have some interesting content for you this month. I know this blog has been sucking. You just go through dry periods. It's just the way it is. I do my best to find interesting stuff. Sometimes life isn't all that interesting.

On Thursday I'm at the consumer electronics show. And I'll be obsessing on how to get 3d images. Which I won't be able to do. Even though the show is much smaller this year - I'm still going.

Today was sunny and I thought I'd be able to come from behind and catch up with the stuff I wanted to get done this week. That was not the way of the universe.

On the way to breakfast the car started making alert sounds and we had to take it to have it seen. I've sucked on my maintenance because both of the cars makers have gone bankrupt and that just really sucks. The oil was low. We could have just added some, but it needed to be changed desperately. Which I could have done earlier. But hey - quit hassling me. I have issues right now.


While Mr S. was filling out the paperwork - the guy who would presumably be changing the oil commented on Mr S. being left handed. Oh, I'd love to be left handed - he said. Which resulted in Mr S. and I both doing this hesitation thing we do when we aren't sure how to resolve something someone has said to us.

It was just such an odd thing to say. He went on though. Oh, you... know... he did.

When I was young I was left handed - he said. Then the teachers forced me to stop. They said I wasn't normal and I had to write like all the other kids. He was apparently super bitter about it. Almost hostile you'd say, because he talked about it the whole time.

We were minimally responsive. Because it was 11:30, and remember the whole breakfast thing? The day wasn't starting out well. I finally asked him why he didn't just try to become ambidextrous.

You see - when I was a kid I'd tried to become ambidextrous many times. We had a family friend who had passed out for a couple of days with his arm wedged between the bed frame and the wall. Don't' ask. Anyway. He lost the arm. He spent a lot of time in therapy with other people. One of whom has been mauled by a bear. It left a big impact on me. So trying to use both hands didn't seem like a big deal.

Yet this guy seemed so affected and it was slightly interesting. He was an adult after all. Yet not that old of a guy. Maybe 25.

Finally after we were allowed to escape - Mr S. and I commented about how odd the whole thing was. Neither of us thought they still forced kids to be right handed when they weren't. In his moms generation that happened all the time. But not now.

And, he must see left handed people all the time. Does he have that conversation with all of them?

The rest of the day hasn't gotten much better. We did get stuff done, but they were all unplanned breakages.

You can go back to your business now.

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