Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's Miley's fault.

I love the middle of the night. The calm cool darkness.

But, productive people don't operate in those hours. At least - not many. I often think I'd be a great writer, if I could just write in the middle of the night. Yet I don't for fear I will engage my brain so much, I would never sleep. So, I can't take advantage of it.

Even the power lights on all the electronic devices threaten to stimulate my brain into non sleep. So I try to not even get up out of bed.

They say you can catch up on sleep. Those people are complete liars. I'm sure of it. Or they don't understand real prolonged sleep loss.

I'm in a huge deficit this week. Sucks. Also not helping? That damn Miley Cyrus song. Which I don't even like! Just sayin.


  1. Ahahahaha!
    I hate that damn song too. Everytime it comes on I think "Oh Maroon 5!!" and then no.

    Damn DS Crosswords are keeping me from catching my 8 hours.

  2. Arg. Crosswords. I can only afford so many compulsivities.