Friday, November 21, 2008

You freaky little perverts.

A few months ago I did a random little rant about how the Susan G. Komen merchandising people were pissing me off. Yeah - really. I don't know why, but I get irritated each and every time I see those pink little ribbons. We get it already! We've given you tons of money, and still no cure. But, it is so scary! I must give you money.

Just as an odd aside - I was in the supermarket one day in October. They were collecting donations. The breast cancer people. But, they had this young chick inside of a cage. Yeah. really. What message does that send? It was the oddest thing. I should unpack my cell phone photos and post the pictures. I figured I'd already ranted enough about the boobs for hostage crisis, so I never got back to that oddity.

Anyway, I figured I'd get a bunch of hits from drivebys complaining about how I hate boobs. And that if one of my family members had cancer I'd feel differently. Even though my mom actually had a radical mastectomy because of breast cancer. And that my breast reduction makes me feel I have a 40% better chance of not getting boob rottage. See.. I don't feel differently at all.

That never happened. What did happened - is a bunch of freaky little teenage boys started showing up in my site meter. Apparently my title "How boobs have jumped the shark" uncovered a trend I'd previously had not known about. Boob sharking. Which I think is pulling girls tops down. Since this all involved teenagers, I'm not quick to delve into of the sites to find out for sure.

I've been getting so many hits on this that I am actually the #6 and #9 hit in google. Depending on if you are using the search criteria "shark boob", or "boob shark". I'm not sure why it makes much difference. But, it is a little creepy to know I consistently show up on the first page of google for something that was essentially an accident.

Oddly, this particular search invasion creeps me out more than the one about public masturbation at the library. Wait.. scratch that. Equally creepy. Perhaps its because I'm getting way more hits that the library thing.

Just say'in.

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  1. If it makes you feel any happier, Keyser occasionally feels like committing blogging suicide because his most popular single page tends to be something called "Justice for JuGGs" from some time ago, followed by "VPILF for All Seasons." Sigh...