Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh the humanity!

I will get back to the robotics show in a minute. After the show - we were driving to the best little hole in the wall burrito place in Mountain View. This meant driving past Moffett Field. Much to our surprise the new Airship Ventures zeppelin was in the sky. The one that takes passengers over the Golden Gate Bridge for something like 500 bucks a piece.

And let me tell you.... that blimp books. We had to drive 20 miles out of my way to get a picture. And we were doing 80MPH. It was flying above the freeway, so it had to be doing something like 70. I had to work so hard to get these pictures, and they aren't even that great. We could barely keep up with it in traffic.

I find the whole thing a modern marvel. But, no one else seemed to care. When Mr S. pulled into a gas station so I could have a few seconds to get a shot, the owners of the gas station rushed out to see what I was taking pictures of. They didn't seem that impressed. But, cripes it's something like a 200 foot long zeppelin flying around the Bay Area. Bigger than a 747. How is that not impressive?

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