Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunday update.

I used to have a girlfriend who would go to the bathroom in front of her husband. Yeah.. that's an odd start to a story - isn't it?

It's just how their marriage was. They felt comfortable with each other that way. I personally thought it was a little TMI. (too much information) Even for a married couple.

So, I've always subscribed to the beloved marital illusion principle. BMIP(patent pending) Which basically says... you try not to be a pig in front of your partner. This isn't to say occasionally it isn't unavoidable. But, you should always act surprised. Not the "yeah, I just let out a big nasty fart - this is my house too" attitude.

Having said that... this weekend were not my finest hours. That cold going around slapped my ass and made me its bitch. I figured it was going to be a suck ass cold. But, what happened was so much worse. Friday morning I was sick as a dog. By Friday night I was wondering if I'd made a mistake not calling my doctor for the strongest antibiotics he could prescribe.

At this point my attitude was "nuke it from outer space". It would be the only way to be sure. Since he is not open on the weekends, I started rummaging around at midnight for those 5 day packs of Azithromyocin I'd stashed away at some point in the past.

Whew! Surely I'd feel a little better in the morning. I was sure of it.

Friday and Saturday left me what can only be describes as a seepy mess. To be exact, an unending seepy mess. The weird thing about this cold was the sneezing. I'm pretty sure I've sneezed more in the last two days that I have in my whole life. Not just one event - but all the years added up. I've never had that happen before. I had so much water in my sinus's, that it wasn't content enough to come out of my nose - I was actually crying fluid. But, not from crying. The crazy thing is, you can take stuff to stop you from coughing, but what do you take to stop you from sneezing? My night time snuggle partner was a box of tissues.

Today, I'm in the coughing phase, which is actually a trillion times better than the other phase. So, I'm on the road to recovery. Which means I can stop having the feeling of "crap, I can't believe anyone is seeing me in this state.

Oh BTW - did you know you can buy thermometers with little condoms now? That way you don't have to sterilize them after you've put your gross decease riddled mouth on them. I know the doctors use them condoms, but I've never seen that you can buy them at the store.

Yes.. small things amuse me.


  1. I had that a couple of weeks ago, and it sucked.

    Unfortunately, the coughing phase is going to last a while.

    I'm glad you're feeling better, though.

  2. UGH! There is nothing worse than having to go to bed with tissues stuffed up your nose!

    But you're well enough to blog, so that's a good sign.

  3. Holy mucas batgirl. You were not joking. I actually felt bad voting today. I didn't want to given them their pen back - but they insisted. And the vector moves along. (shrug)