Sunday, November 16, 2008

Those wacky consumers.

Mr S. originally wanted to just go to our local mall to checkout the local Apple store. I persuaded him to drive out to Methdesto. After we got back however - I thought perhaps it was a good idea to go to our local mall too. I mean - the bad news is everywhere. I can't escape the news about the greatest depression since the 1930's. And, I'm not poking the guys who read the blog and think that way. I'm not completely convinced they aren't right. I just haven't seen it yet. There have been times when I was sure I was wrong. Like a month ago when we went to Fry's and the place was deserted. I actually took pictures of shopping carts, because there weren't any being used. Freaked my shit out.

So today we figured we'd check out the mall. To see how the Apple store was doing. I'm not a mall chick. If I can go in and get out quickly, I'm fine. But - usually I'm pissed off before we find a parking spot. Mall people so annoy me. Everything they do is slow. Walking, parking, looking at crap. Slow! Makes me crazy.

I didn't think the mall would be that busy, and we'd get in and out super fast. But, when we got there the place was actually very busy. And I wanted to beat people before we even parked the car. That is a good sign - I thought!

The amount of people really surprised me. I didn't think people would be shopping this far before Thanksgiving. Everyone is suppose to be poor and all. It wasn't the busiest I've ever seen the mall, but considering the economy and time of year, it was pretty impressive.

They had some Wiiosks set up. There were a bunch of people hanging out and quite a bit of other activity.

The Apple store was actually quite busy. Mr S. asked how long the store had been there. The Appleperson said 4 years. I've been in that mall plenty of times, and I just never walk through it. But, I was also pretty impressed for a store that had been there that long. Apparently it isn't just new stores which are pulling in new sales. Existing stores seem to still be attracting people.

And the parking lot. Well.. the place was pretty packed.

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