Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh waaaa.

It has been really hard trying to get into the holiday spirit. We've had one storm in the past month, and the rest of the time it has just been sunny. Even for our area, it doesn't feel like the end of November. The upside is - we are actually getting some fall color. So we went around trying to capture it.

I'm thinking deer are growing some kind of super intelligence where they understand composition. Lighting - not so much.


  1. Well, they have nothing to do but study our every move. I live in a city suburb, so - the only predators are cars. Yet, we have a city park that is filled with deer. Well... and the wild turkeys are starting to take over. No one seems to know how they got here. But, the deer are positively bored. Instead of being frightened of people, they seem just hang out and watch you.

    Not even joking. I'll post a picture.

  2. So beautiful...

    It's a good thing they don't randomly move deer to new places... Those deer would suffer the wrath of "Deer Season" here. Sux.