Sunday, November 23, 2008

Almost pets.

Mr S. and I have been hanging out in the park a bit lately. Which is how I got this shot of the deer checking out the humans. They are sort of everywhere.

We are sort of training for CES. Which seems like an odd thing to say. The way we do CES - is rather like doing a triathlon. Fly into Vegas in the morning. Walk about 80% of the show space. Which is something like 3 football fields filled with consumer booths. Carrying 10 pounds of camera gear. Fly out that evening.

We first starting doing it this way because a room in Vegas for CES was something like 500 bucks. Seems like this year they've dropped it to about 300 bucks a room. But, now I kind of feel like by the end of the day, I'm ready to leave Vegas. I feel like an ashtray from all the smokers. I've got sensory overload. And, I've already started to be affected by the lifeless souls who make up Las Vegas. Everyone is nice. But there is a certain feeling of deadness inside.

Anyway, I'm not 100% sure I'm going this year. But, I'm reasonably sure. Enough that last night I became concerned about the automotive crisis and what it might do to that part of CES. I can see a wall of monitors anywhere - but the cars. It isn't easy to see a wall of monitors in cars anywhere but Vegas.

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