Friday, April 20, 2007

This thing freaks me out, and I don't know what to do about it.

Like many of you in California - you probably live on a concrete slab. We just don't do basements here. There are probably all sorts of reasons for it. Right now - I don't care why.

Now I find myself with somewhat of a crawlspace. Not a down on your belly - cave crawling space - but a knees and elbows crawl space. I never really liked it from the beginning. Even though as far as crawl spaces go, its amazingly clean. What I made up in my head about it was much worse than it was.

A few months ago - every so often I would hear this vent rattle. Heater off, nothing running. But a distinct (loud) rattling noise. So my first impulse is to kick the door - because I don't want to open that shit. I don't know what's trying to get in. Mice - raccoons, zombies.

Whatever it is - I don't like it and it has to stop. But the heater needs to breath. Now I completely understand why horror films are so effective.


  1. Hey, I've got a zombie in my crawlspace, too. It's in the attic. Just last night I was upstairs using the bathroom, and I heard rattling in the crawlspace/attic thing. I was so excited about the crawlspace when we bought the house...but that was before there were THINGS in there.

  2. No scary zombies for us - just squirrels in the duct work. And that's scary enough for me.

  3. Hey ! - Thats an excellent thought. It could be squirrels.

    One has been trying to get the attention of the bunny saffron for months.

    I think he thinks she is a pampered squirrel, and tries to play with her through the glass slider. I'll hear this banging on the glass, and he is there bouncing off of it - trying to get her attention.

    I still have to do something about that vent. Thanks for giving me a plausible distraction though.