Saturday, April 14, 2007

My dumb-ass comment of the day.

So - I'm in the camera store again today. Buying a flash for the big-ass lens I just bought - and the checker is asking me if I want to get some kind of reward card. She begins to tell me I can get money off prints, and I actually say the following:

"Oh - I didn't realise you guys did prints here"

My husband looks at me - the checker looks at me. Then does a sweeping hand gesture towards the back of the store.

She sarcastically says " um - that's why we have this big lab back here".

Which I totally deserved. I'm in a feakin camera store.

The thing is - I'm not even young enough to successfully pull that kind of tard comment off. Clearly I know people used film. I guess I just got so used to everything being digital that I forgot that some die-hards still use film.

Just when I'm getting to the point of not feeling quite so out of my element just walking into the place - I go and say something stupid like that.

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