Sunday, April 08, 2007

For the love of Microfiber.

I still remember the day we bought our sofa. Well.. it was only a year ago - so maybe that is a little dramatic.

I wasn't crazy about it. Hated the color.

We had friends coming in from Seattle, and we had just moved into our house. We were under pressure to buy something quickly. So - I was probably in meltdown mode.

We had already chosen the couch -we'd given up on finding something we loved, and were ready to settle for something we didn't hate. My husband was handling the bill, and I took a quick spin around the showroom to see if there was something else I liked. When I came back my husband was prompting the salesman to show me something about the sofa material.

The gentleman pulled out a fabric swatch, and a bottle of water. He then poured it on the swatch. Like this:

At first I didn't get it.. My husband cheerfully says "it is micro-fiber - so stuff doesn't soak into it".

I'd read about micro-fiber a great deal. It was going to be the fabric of the future, but I hadn't actually seen it yet - and I didn't fully understand its benefits.

After seeing the demonstration - I was sold.

You see... my husband is a bit of a spiller. And not just any kind of spiller, but a champion spiller. He can't just spill a half full glass of water - it has to be a full mocha late. Though honestly - it has been a very long time since the last episode. The sofa has been sitting in pristine condition. Until this weekend.

We'd let our youngest bunny Saffron out of her cage to run around in the living room. She's only just discovered that she was big enough to jump up on the furniture. She started exploring our couch, playing peek-a-boo among the cushions. After a few minutes, she flopped down with her feet behind her, facing the TV set, as if she was ready to watch an afternoon of Tivo with us.

It was so damn cute, it made my husband and I go "Awwwww" in unison. It was so sweet we both need insulin.

That was until we realized that she'd just peed on the couch.

Now this girl had just come off of three months of restriction from her last bit of bad behavior: peeing on our comforter. (Restriction == not letting her on the bed or the furniture, and watching her like a hawk on the carpet) We hadn't had an incident since then, and we thought she'd grown out of it. Truthfully, all our other bunnies have become really well potty trained after they are a year old. So it's a bit of "an issue" that this girl doesn't seem to get with the program. Makes me want to rip her ovaries right out. She is the only one not neutered. And aparently - it makes a difference.

Anyway - now I am in love with micro-fiber. I would have rather tested it with a latte, than my pet peeing on it - but I was super happy to have it. It worked like a charm.


  1. Funny enough my mom recently bought a Microfiber covered couch in her home to guard against, of all things, geko poop.
    Oh the trials of living in Hawaii.

    You see all the comments I've been holding in!!!

  2. "You see all the comments I've been holding in!!! "

    I do!

    Now if they would just start making clothes out of that stuff. I know a few people that would really benefit.

  3. I think that Docker's makes a pair of slacks that are kind of similar. I mentioned them to Sarge, but he said all of the styles are "dorky". I would just need the front of my shirt treated, the area directly below my mouth, and my "shelf".