Sunday, April 15, 2007

Not a big fan.

Like all weekends... this one was well - busy.

The project? A ceiling fan. Seems simple and boring - right? Yeah - I wish.

This project has been a year in the making. Believe it or not.

When we first moved into this place we took one look at this fan and said we would just rip it out.

That was until summer hit. Then we set out to find a suitable replacement. Not only was it hideous - this thing made a loud ticking sound. I'm an insomniac. We couldn't run it at night for fear that I would slowly go insane.

So - the problem? 8 foot ceiling, over 6 foot tall husband. That cuts your choices for fans about 95%.

There are hugger fans - but I wasn't that crazy about them. And just a little rant - what the hell is it about the ceiling fan manufacturers? I'm not on a boat so I don't need a nautical theme. I'm not at my grandmothers house - this is 2007. Can we have anything that looks modern? And I don't live in a church. I don't know what houses they are making these for - but most houses are not cathedral size mansions.

Another sticking point was - it would be nice if it had a remote. You know I am going to wake up in the middle of the night - freezing.

So we looked. And looked. And looked. Expensive fans, cheap fans. It was becoming the point where we just have to choose something we didn't like.

That was until last weekend. It was a magical weekend. Everywhere we went people were helpful. A nice gentleman at OSH overheard us commenting that a certain fan we were going to buy didn't have a remote. He took us over to an isle and showed us a Universal Ceiling Fan & Light - Remote Control.

We couldn't believe it. I mean - we had looked at fans for months. On the internet, at the hardware stores. At big box stores. Light stores. I mean everywhere - and we had never seen this product.

It slips right into your mounting bracket like this:

Then inside the fan housing:

Which attaches obviously to the ceiling:

Well - after you become pissed that the contractors that built your house can't put a junction box in so its recessed into the drywall. Yes - that is a chop stick making my fan level.

And you have an oddly artistic shot of an ordinary fan.


  1. Allrighy then. I'm not one for ceiling fans. Sarge loves them. I just don't like falling asleep with wind blowing on me unless I'm at the beach. Can't have a fan in the bedroom alone.
    But asthetically, that is one lovely fan. I'm a fan of that fan.
    We'd have that fan in our bedroom, but Sarge would never get to use it.
    Are you going to buy a bunny fan pull?

  2. Oh my goodness - that is so cute.

    No pull.. its got a remote. ;-)

    I'm not so much on the fan blowing on me either - but it provides fantastic white noise. I can't sleep if things are too quiet.