Thursday, April 19, 2007

More Celebrity Watching.

From time to time a Film Fest swings through town. As usual - I went to take photos. Last year here.

First let me say - I actually get freaked out by these things. I'm a little out of my element. Put me anywhere near technology and I'm fine - but put me in a room with people who do movies. I freak out. And I'm not even star struck. I just feel sort of weird taking photos of these people - even though we paid to get into the event.

Freaking me out even more? I wasn't in the door a minute before a publicist spotted my camera and started talking to me. Last year - no publicists. So - I completely wasn't expecting that to happen.

This year was a bit different. It was smaller, and much harder to spot who the movie people were. Usually I have my husband as backup spotter - but even he was having a hard time this year.

Outside of Wayne Knight I was lost.

And - Wayne clearly seemed to not want his picture taken. I couldn't get a clean shot to save my life. As a matter of a fact - I couldn't tell who was more uncomfortable. Me - or him.

Really - I don't know who these rest of these people were. It would have been nice if the film literature gave a little more information on who was there.

I know the guy in the center is Koshiya Kubo. He was there last year.

In the forefront - Rowdy Stovall. Director of Mexican Sunrise.

Andrew C. Erin. Director Simple Things. You should watch the trailer. They did a really good job on the web-site.

Still not sure who this guy is.

Now I'm debating on going to one of the films on Friday - so I can get freaked out all over again. At least the literature for that tells you who will be attending.

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  1. As said publicist who launched in on your the second you walked in the door, thank you for the very entertaining post!

    We do hope you muster all courage to join us on Friday night for the screening (7:00 at the Vine Theater) as the entire "Simple Things" cast will be present and vastly enthusiastic to have their pictures taken by you! We shall ensure a clean and clear shot!

    Looking forward to seeing you again,


    Michelle Czernin von Chudenitz