Thursday, January 25, 2007

A swift kick in the Ass.

This is my new plan for the winter.

1. Scratch winter off the to-do list.

Not gonna happen.

2. Start buying water stocks.

I figure that will offset the bummed out feeling I get when I watch the weather. It will also make me cry less when we get those bills from the water utilities.

3. Feel happy that we finished our sprinkler project this last weekend.

Yard projects are nice. Much less unexpected roadblocks.
Plus it gives us a chance to interact with our neighbors. They are pretty interesting. For some reason they all talk to us, but not each other. So it always makes for "what did you think about that" types of conversations.

For instance the neighbor we thought had died when we first moved in came over to talk to us. He cut off his mullet - pulled his crazy blue contacts, and told us he had just gone in for a triple A (angiogram - I think), but was out doing yard work anyway.

4. Begin thinking of ways of not wanting to kill squirrels who are most assuredly going to chop down the corn I'm going to grow this year.

Most years it didn't matter because corn was dirt cheap. Growing corn was more of a hobby. Thanks to ethanol... growing our own might be the only way we can actually get corn this year. Last year I thought it was just a bad crop problem.. but then realized it was shortage due to ethanol production.

That is all I have - but I'm open to suggestions.

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