Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sunbathing with a friend.

I don't really have anything today.. because basically I am in just a giant funk.

When I was a kid I remember a period in California where a high pressure ridge just sat on top of the state for what seemed like an eternity. They eventually turned off all the fountains. You could only water your lawn on designated days. I remember being very affected by it even as a child.

Today, I think I am downright depressed about it. It sounds like such a rediculous thing. But I had planned to spend this winter doing nothing after working for 15 months on nonstop projects. This was suppose to be the winter of naps. I mean.. I still can, but you just can't feel good about it with the sun shining every single f-ing day. It was downright exasting getting our old house from this:

To this:


To this:

And a ton of stuff in between. That bamboo floor was a bitch, and we had to lay it twice because we had a water damage incident from a top floor window that decided to leak.

I just feel like I can't re-charge my batteries before project season comes around in about two months - so today I just fell into a big funk. Everything is dead due to the unusual deep freeze period we had, and since we had that intense heat wave this summer everything feels like it is going to spontaneously combust. I think we've had 2 weeks of rain in 10 months, and it is really taking a toll on me. My brain really needs a change of season.


  1. What you've done looks fantastic! We've been updating our house, mainly inside painting at this point, but it feels great to sit in a room you've finished & it's what you want.

    Love all those windows. The lights in your dining room are a similar style to what we put in our kitchen. Instead of the sinuous track (which I loved but it wouldn't work in our kitchen because of a slanted ceiling) we put in 3 brushed nickel fixtures of 3 lights each with the same shade you have. I like how you can aim each light.

  2. Your floor looks awesome. We had a similar experience, although our leak happened before we decided to put in the bamboo.

  3. Warrior Knitter - Painting is the best easiest thing. At this point I am pretty sure I am addicted to new paint smell. Not that- sniffing glue kind of thing.. but new paint just smells new and clean. Plus for you hanging out at home must be extra nice for you since you spent a while in hotels.

    Monicker-Thanks for the comment! The only thing that bothered me about bamboo was I could never find a product to seal the damn stuff.