Monday, January 15, 2007

Blogger tag.

I know most people are hesitant to play blogger tag. I am no exception. We all love our little anonymous world don't we? Plus - I don't really find anything about myself especially interesting. Since Evil HR Lady tagged me - and my blog is a little eclectic - I thought I would screw you guys up a bit more by revealing 5 things you didn't know about me. All the people I read have already been tagged - so I'm not passing it on.

1. When I was 7 and other kids were wanting to be firemen and ballerina's - I wanted to be a drug dealer when I grew up. Yep... thats right. By the time I was mid-adolescent it was a veterinarian until working for one, and then realized with my short attention span that computers were going to be the only thing that would keep me entertained enough to spend a lifetime at it. Just goes to show you never know how life is going to turn out.

2. I have crazy food crushes. I will be into something - and that is all I will want to eat, then I'm over it, and wont want it again for years. For example on my honeymoon I was in a crab crush. So - the whole week I had crab. Then I wouldn't touch it again for three years. Right now I am into Pho. Thankfully I have a husband who is insanely understanding.

3. I still have a baby tooth and I fully expect compounded interest from the tooth fairy when/if I loose it.

4. I used to be a chronic lottery player until my husband made a joke that I would have better odds in the stock market. He was right. We started out putting the same amount of money I would play on the lotto into the stock market.

This is why sometimes I will make friendly bets with other bloggers. I hope you all don't think I am going to forget about them.

My husband and I constantly bet for real money. No I don't think I have a problem - though occasionally I question it when I try to make random bets with strangers. And no - when I was in Vegas I didn't gamble once.

5. I never quite understand why people like me. I know it sounds weird and lame. I think it is because I think most people have friends with a common theme. All of my friends are like polar opposites. So I have a hard time trying to figure out what it is that people see. And yes... everything needs figuring out.


  1. I so love that you wanted to be a drug dealer. I bet your parents had you recite that for all their friends.

    Ha, drug dealer!

  2. It is much funnier the way you say it. And looking back - it does seem pretty outrageous.. but I guess this is the part where I laugh uncomfortably and and say I led a pretty "non-traditional" childhood. I think my parents friends would have seen me as competition.

    Being bored easily and going into a computer career basically saved me.

  3. #5; I think most people are still trying to figure out why other people don't like them.

    And that drug-dealer thing - hilarious. I'm with you on wanting to be a vet, till actually working with one.