Thursday, January 11, 2007

More about CES.

I don't know why - but every time I fly I get a cold. I'm pretty sure when the airlines hand you a ticket, it includes a virus. So I am pretty slow in posting my stuff from CES. Plus - it's a little challenging to post anything that a few hundred thousand people haven't already covered.

One of the things I thought was interesting was XM had a HUGE booth. I would say they probably had a hundred people working it. I found one banner that had a Serius logo and one small display.

Everywhere you turned XM had some kind of display or was handing out these bags.

And if you felt you needed a monitor in the wheel-well of your big ass truck you were pretty much covered there too.

Oh - and the smokers in Vegas were out of this world. It wasn't an accident I got a shot of a guy smoking. Even though I grew up with smokers and dated some of them, I found it pretty over-whelming.

This was one of the more usless items I saw - because everything now has to have a monitor in it. Just in-case granny doesn't have a flat panel monitor in her sewing room.

Samsung bum-rushed me for trying to take pictures of their blu-ray display, and threaten to take away my "film". Clearly security was being farmed out to people from the last century. Still freaked me out.

No one was as agressive as Samsung about it.. but there were a few booths that didn't want any pictures taken. I still don't f-ing get it because if I wanted to be a bitch - I could have just tele-photo'ed in from one or two isles over. I sort of thought companies went to these things for exposure... but what do I know.

This company gave a gender based sales pitch. My husband and I didn't realize it until we talked about it later. My husband got the "it's for lonely men in Japan" sales pitch. I got the same one as Gizmodo.

But they did have this interesting 3D .... well... I'm not sure what you would call it. But it was interesting. The planes were flying around the city.

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