Monday, December 11, 2006

Why the holidays suck.

1. Inconsiderate people. Obviously there are millions of examples.. but my husband related this one to me this weekend. He went into the post office just to mail a letter. Already stamped.. it just had to be slid into the slot in the wall. A woman apparently was at the front of the line placing stamps on envelopes one at a time and sliding them into the slot. This created a line where no line should ever exist. You just slide your stuff in and walk away. But this woman couldn't move to one of the tables and place stamps on her crappy cards - she had to do it right in front of the slot so other people had to wait for her.

2. Putting cranberries on everything. I hate that - and I love cranberries. I really don't want to get a salad that I have ordered 100 times previously and find it has cranberries on it. Since I always think a customer who complains is going to have ass rubbed on their food I never fuss about this kind of thing. I'd rather suck it up and pick them off - but please stop already.

3. The incessant need to have parties. Especially the office cubemunity parties. This is always a great fun because you really can't drink, and you can't tell outrageous stories. I mean... you can - in a sort of career limiting move.

4. Crappy cards. I am always under huge pressure about this whole card issue. Personally when I send a card I want people to think it was meaningful. I understand most of the world does not agree with me.. but honestly, can't the people at Hallmark step it up a bit and be a little more creative?

5. The old people. I know.. I'm an asshole about the old people. The holidays make them swarm out of their retirement villages like pouring hot water into an ant colony. And half of them have barely spent two days out of the lazy-boy rocker the whole year - so they are hobbling around like a toddler taking their first steps.

6. People who don't look before before walking out in front of cars. Okay.. this isn't really as much of a holiday issue and just something that really annoys me.. but the holidays make it much worse.

Stay tuned for additions...


  1. #4. I'm with you, too much pressure. So I don't send "Holiday Cards." I try to be meaningful before or after the Holidays so my missive doesn't end up in the glut, stuck on the mantel or on one of those hanging card thingys.

  2. I love getting and giving cards. There, I said it. I do.
    I hate the way that people are always so rude at Christmastime. Pushing, shoving, yelling, fighting for the right toy. I once saw 2 old ladies get into a fist fight over a taxi cab.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Well.. you go girl! Someone had to admit it.

    I haven't seen so much rudeness this year as just people being oblivious. I know they want to spend all day in the store.. I just want to get in and get out.

    The card thing.. I guess I have had a card up my butt for a little while. I think it started on my last anniversary where I had to go card shopping 3 times because all the cards were these super crappy old ball and chain cards. Same with a recent b-day card shopping. Then I have to dream up something inventive to say that I haven't said all year. It just stresses me. Screw the gifts.. its the cards that are the real problem I think.