Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Over-achieving Christmas!

Turns out I have a little sugar fetish. Not just any sugar.. but the large crystallized colored kind. Normally when I make Cherry Pie I just put some jumble of of red and purple. It comes out very pop-tart-ish. I don't know why but these sugars keep their shape and don't melt all over the place. So it gives the top an interesting crunchy quality.

So when I was in the store last.. I thought "maybe I'll just pick up another color", but they had this whole rack which made me go crazy and say -fuck it- and I got all the colors. This was the end result. My husband is a co-conspirator.


  1. Wow - I'm jealous. I just went out and bought cupcakes this year.

  2. You obviously underestimate cupcakes.

    They were the only thing that got me through the end of getting my old house sold. After painting and finishing up construction projects for 8 hours, a delicious chocolate cup-cake gave us just enough of a carb rush to wrap everything up and get all the construction supplies put away.

    Besides.. this whole pie sugar thing was mostly my husband. The sugar was me.. but it was his idea for the whole mural. Next year he thinks we should do Van Gogh's Starry Night. Give a man a little sugar and what the hell?

  3. Very creative. Don't ya just love enablers!!?? And cupcakes ~ especially chocolate. And colored sugar!

    Can't wait to see the Van Gogh!

  4. That is very cool. I may have to go buy colored sugars.