Thursday, December 28, 2006

All for the sake of vanity.

Okay... I'll admit it. I was pretty blessed in the acne department. As a kid I rarely had blemishes. As an adult I occasionally get a blemish or two. They always come in these weird spots that hurt like hell. Like the corner of your lip or right on the tip of your nose. But with new technology why should I even suffer with those?

So when I got this little Zeno device which was suppose to rid me of these fall-backs to adolescence I was super skeptical. After all - blemishes are a way of life. You just suck it up and pretend you don't think everyone is looking at the giant zit on your nose. Which they are.

So far I'm loving this thing. It turns you into a pimple monkey. Searching your whole body for even the slightest blemish to target. I almost can't wait to get acne so I can play with the device. It has a super great ipod-ish sleek design.

It does take 2 minutes per application. But what else are teenagers going to do when they are sitting at home without a date from pizza face?


  1. Where was this thing when I was a teenager?

  2. Where can I find this thing? How much? I love it! Unfortunately, I get more blemishes now, in my 30's than I ever did when I was a kid....

  3. What a great stocking-stuffer! I might have to get me one of those.

  4. Life - Ours came from Amazon. You never know if something is going to be a piece of crap. I haven't really seen any other end user blog about this product so I'm not sure how well they are selling.

    And still kind of pricey if you don't have pretty bad acne. For those people something like this has got to be a life saver.