Monday, December 18, 2006

Laundry Room Project

Another project we are trying to get finished is our laundry room. Some may remember we had to kick our contractors off the job earlier in the year here. So we are putting the cabinets up ourselves.

My husband and I took a little while to figure out what cabinets we wanted. A lot of our projects spend a lot of time in design. This is the rendering my husband did.

This is where we are at right now.

And I managed to find a before picture. One thing we are really bad at is taking before pictures. This is from the very first day we viewed the house, and the room really was that yellow.

The only hold-up?

Since we aren't contractors and can be slightly impulsive we sometimes run into roadblocks right when we get to them. It started out we were only going to set the larger cabinets, but that made the room look out of proportion. So we set out to the cabinet warehouse to buy what we thought was a standard 12inch cabinet addition. Of course... nothing we ever want comes in the sizes we want, so we wound up with 14 inch.

We get one up and notice we didn't account for that outlet. Now we have an add on project or ripping the wall open and rotating that outlet. is way better than having to bitch about having someone else do it. I am pretty done with contractors for the year.

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  1. I love, love, love, the laundry room! The appliances are so wicked...The laundry room of my dreams!

  2. This may sound weird, but why not just have the outlet inside the cabinet? I have one like that in my kitchen and it's my "charger" cabinet. I keep the chargable flashlight, battery chargers, rechargable drill and other junk like that in there. Everything is always charged and ready to go.