Friday, December 01, 2006

Who's brilliant marketing idea was this?

I was "all better" enough to brave a little technology shopping today, and these things struck me as odd.

This store display makes it look like there is no music on Sirius Satellite radio. And really - that can be debated. I mean... do I even need to make a comment about 50cent being grouped with Anderson Cooper, Martha Stewart, and O'Reilly? Couldn't Sirius get some washed up rockers like Ted Nugent, Sebastian Bach or Bob Dylan? Or wait... Bob is over there on XM.

Shouldn't these companies be at least trying to attract the iPod set? You know.... the 15 to 45 year old demographic. Does anyone under 30 even listen to Sirius? Really - I am curious. We subscribe to both XM and Sirius and even I wouldn't buy them based on this store display.

Oh yeah.... do we really need devices where the wire wrap anti-theft device is almost as big as the product you are selling?


  1. Actually, it's a smart marketing move. Really. Music listeners know that terrestrial radio sucks - crappy songs and 40% commercials. Most of my college-age kids' friends have both satellite and MP3. Satellite for finding the music and listening to new stuff and MP3 for saving and RE-listening.

    The demographic both Sirius and XM are trying to reach is the talk-radio set. There are a LOT of talk-only terrestrial stations out there, and satellite wants a piece of the pie. Most terrestrial talk is either conservative politics or sports, but the beauty of satellite is that it is relatively cheap to provide more alternatives, such as Oprah or Martha. Sirius and Xm are hoping to steal the talk listeners away from Clear Channel, as well as the non-listeners from silence. Eventually, they may even become profitable by doing so.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I own stock in both Sirius and XM, and I am a subscriber to both. But I only listen to music.

  2. I know you didn't just call Bob Dylan an old washed up rocker. His latest album is really hot.

  3. Davis - Oh, snap. That was super funny.
    Loved your link-over to
    I can't tell you how many shades of meltdown I would have...but something in the back of my head also thinks "well... maybe I could just upgrade".

    Shodan- So if I understand you correctly, the built in MP3 player is there to pick up the ipod demographic? It still seems like a disconnect to me because that demo can just buy an MP3 player. I agree the MP3 is great for the music crowd, but the content side of Sat-rad isn't catering to them. It seems to me that demo is not interested in talk radio. Maybe I am wrong.

    Even though my husband is a big talk radio guy, even he was surprised that talk radio is the major factor for Satellite. I thought terrestrial talk radio mostly existed on AM.. and I didn't really think anyone listened to AM even before Satellite started poaching their business.

  4. Well, satellite and ipod are what MY kids do....

    Clear Channel Communications is one of the biggest media conglomerates around, and they've made ALL their dough in conservative AM talk radio. Here in Sacramento, the biggest 3 stations in the area are all AM talk - two conservative and one sports. The Clear Channel station, KFBK, is by far the most popular, primarily because of Rush Limbaugh, who was local there before he went national. It's been the most listened-to station in the area for years...