Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Pigs get slaughtered.

I'm not sure who is holding these mortgages, but they are going to get wiped out. The MLS is just fire right now. I'm only showing you three cases, but there are tons.

These are obvious flip houses because they were bought and put back on the market within months. Except for the last one. It was sold in 2019. So... ITS REAL VALUE.

Trying to make 30% in two months? Ballsey.


This one also thought they were going to squeak out 40% or so in two months. Now.... they gonna lose this house probably. They better shove a renter into it, More likely they walk away.

I like this one a lot. 50%ish in two years. Genuinely.... the Great housing Crisis would blush with envy.  Especially because the market was slowing in 2019. Which is probably why Trump went so aggressively to backstop housing. In 2019, this sold for under asking.

Just earlier this year all the financial journos were saying that this time was different because everyone had equity. And there a housing shortage! If you saw the MLS right now. You would laugh and laugh and laugh.

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