Wednesday, October 12, 2022

No. Herd immunity in any form - was always a lie.

Pfizer Exec Admits Under Oath: 'We Never Tested COVID Vaccine Against Transmission'.

Huh. I was called a fear monger for even suggesting you could get SARS2 over and over. I was a cult member. A covidian and all sorts of other shit. And YES - I'M STILL MAD. The way people treated businesses for just trying to protect their workers! I can't even.

The funny thing is that everyone was calling this an Orwellian dystopia. Yet they kept insisting that 2+2='s 5. Not only that - they let out their rage on people like me instead of the incompetent government. "There is nothing we can do. We're all just gonna have to die." They said.

Every single day, I wonder if the trajectory of the pandemic might have been different if the government had simply set up tents to show people how to wear masks properly and why it's important. To this day I see elderly people wearing chin diapers when there is no mask mandate in place. But.... I bet they tell everyone they mask all the time. Why even bother?

I genuinely don't understand how some people can look at themselves in the mirror. They screamed the government was wrong,  but followed in lockstep anyway. Even to the point of taking away peoples livelihood.

When I think of the incredible toll this has taken on our country, and our workforce - I feel like the coming pain is sort of deserved by most. Most everyone treated others as disposable. And I will never forget that. It sort of offsets my sadness about the whole thing. Maybe they deserve what they get. Sadly.

I mean, I never even talked about Long SARS, because you couldn't get people to understand the basics. This country is medically illiterate as fuck. Just wait till you see. This is going to be a plot twist no one saw coming. 

THREE YEARS have been wasted! And I'm here to tell you - we are in a worse spot. The hell people have chosen for themselves. I just don't get it.

I think we can get out of this with testing, but people can't be bothered. So this is the world they get. Their rules not mine. 


  1. The people getting COVID over and over are the ones who took the jab, which destroyed their immune system. Those masks that everyone wore don't stop a respiratory virus, they never have. No, not even the N95s. And PCR testing is worthless too. JFC, do some actual research before you post crap like this.

  2. NO ITS NOT.

    It's always people who have no idea what this virus even is - telling me to do my research. Makes me laugh every time. Why don't you do a little google search on SARS-1. And then... look at the name of the virus we now have. SARS-CoV-2 Getting it yet?

    Masks work. dumb people who don't know how to wear them, make them not work. And they LIE about about masking all the time, making people like YOU think they don't work. Maybe we should just say liars make masks not work.

    I'm guessing you are one of those people who has never tested - so you really don't know what your are talking about.

    The jab - AND THE VIRUS - ruin your immune system. Catch up!

    It's literally the craziest thing I've ever seen people convincing each other that you have to get sick with wild SARS to be healthy.

    There are going to be a lot of disabled people in the country. I'm guessing you will be one of them because you honestly don't know what you are talking about.