Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Banks say the funniest things.

A couple of months ago I accidentally underpaid my mortgage by a penny. Yes. A PENNY. Obvi I had to call the bank to figure out why they were warning me I was going to be late. 

After I had them do a bank draw of one cent, they said.....we have a lot of options for you to help you make your mortgage payments easier. I told them I didn't need any money from my house. Obviously a one cent underpayment is an accident. But they sent me over to "where-ever". 

This is where the bank told me that - you know... home prices have gone up a LOT in the past few months. Wouldn't you like to do a cash out refi before that goes away? It was at that moment that I realized that every notice they have sent me in months has been about tapping my equity. 

If you think negative equity is just for people who bought in the last year.... I'm gonna say you are wrong.

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