Friday, September 18, 2020

This is why PG&E burns houses down.

Tree-sitters protest PG&E power line plans in Nevada City.

"Nevada City attorney Lorraine Reich said she is working to prepare documents to file an injunction seeking to prohibit the further cutting and removal of trees in Nevada City until there can be greater opportunity for the public and city to consider alternative options.

“After years and years and years of neglect on PG&E’s part that they’re now trying to compensate for with this aggressive and barbaric approach of clear cutting through large sections of land,” Osypowski said. “I feel that small towns and private property owners are being pushed around in ways that are not fair for a corporation that doesn’t have any particular interest in any of the things that we care about. They are not here to protect our landscape, they’re not here to protect our people.”

Obviously Nevada is just as crazy as California is regarding trees.

I want to feel sad for people losing their houses to fire since I have been there - but I can read a story like this almost every week. Then people wonder why things burn.

Last week it was a city next to me that had a 100 year old Eucalyptus tree which had a fungus. The city wanted to cut it down, but less than a dozen people tried to stop it. They hired their own arborist and everything. For a tree that is not even native to California and is very flammable.

This week it's Nevada who has some of these tree sitters trying to stop PG%E from maintaining their lines. These people make me a special sort of pissy because around 2008, Berkeley wanted to build a sports arena. But to do that they needed to cut some trees.

Up went the poop slinging monkeys, I mean tree sitters, and they delayed the project for about two years. It was a HUGE deal at the time. They did ultimately start flinging poo at authorities. It was quite insane at the time. The thing is, these people are usually never successful, but they wind up costing us all a ton of money. And ultimately, they are the reason towns burn down because a lot of Califorians have the same mindset.


  1. "The thing is, these people are usually never successful, but they wind up costing us all a ton of money."

    They know that and they want a payoff.

    Think of them as the Green Mafia and you're not wrong.

    The major reason they're so successful in California is that you have an abundant supply of clueless people offering themselves as human shields.

    The Gay Mafia did this thing in Austin when Apple wanted to build a facility in Round Rock, but Apple was wise to them and made certain arrangements.

    Wouldn't be surprised if the Communists at the Austin American-Stateless got a cut from those arrangements.

  2. "Obviously Nevada is just as crazy as California is regarding trees."
    I think it's Nevada City, California.

    Aside from that... yeah. Can't maintain the infrastructure, nor clear hazards around power lines, because of regulatory obstacles and activists. And if PG&E's equipment is even a little bit at fault for sparking a fire, PG&E's shareholders are 100% on the hook for the damage done by the giant blazing brushpile.

  3. Oh.... my bad. Makes more sense actually.

    The thing is - PG&E is a garbage company. It's hard defending them. The neighbor I'm at war with also works for them, so I wouldn't mind at all if they vaporized themselves. Even though I'm moving anyway. Not right away, but I'm hoping to find something sometime next year. Hopefully with more land.

  4. Maybe you just want more house for the money ...

    And a fence, a very, very solid looking fence.

    I hear fences make great neighbors.

    And also some very authentic looking local ornamentation! :-)

    Also, yes, PG&E is a scumbag utility, but any US utility without "Co-Op" or "EMC" in its name is usually a scumbag utility as well.

    FP&L and Gulf Power can be just as bad, BTW, especially after hurricanes.

  5. "PG&E is a garbage company" - yup; a quasi-private monopoly micromanaged by politicians and political appointees. The very model of Progressive economics! None of the messy inefficiency of a company in a competitive environment, needing to keep its customers happy; none of the political accountability (such as it might be) of an actual government agency.
    Given, electrical distribution within a given area pretty much needs to be a monopoly, but somehow some power companies do much better than others. (Back in Sunnyvale, where I could see Google Cloud from my porch and there wasn't a lot of weather, there were frequent many-hour outages. Here in the boonies with thunderstorms, the outages are about as frequent, but the Knoxville Utilities Board (a city agency over in the next county) generally manages to get the lights back on within an hour.)