Saturday, September 12, 2020


  1. Part 1: "... more bad news for folks on the motorway ..."

    Part 2: "... and the perverted fear of violence chokes the smile on every face, and common sense is ringin' out the bell ..."

    Oh no, this is The Road to Hell.

    Play 'em back-to-back like Chris Rea apparently intended.

    "... and all the roads jam up with credit, and there's nothin' you can do, it's all just bits of paper, flyin' away from you ..."

    He's another guy who's into cars, and also into Caterham cars, BTW.

    Maybe you need a day at the beach. :-)

    Yeah, I've missed the beach, but you know what else I've missed?


    It's not like it's that far away to go to the town, and yet it's far away.

  2. I think the forest service should plant some tobacco and thus I could at least smoke whilst breathing.
    instead of just sucking money $5.14 billion