Friday, September 25, 2020

I wasn't going to comment on Gavin Newsoms plan to ban ICE cars because...... California. Amirite?

Then it dawned on me today that the people in my city have their panties all in a bunch about an industrial solar farm and are trying to vote one down.

I'm not exactly sure how they think all these electric cars are going to run.


  1. but, but, electricity is MAGIC don'tcha know??

    (I rolled my eyes so damn hard when I saw the thing about banning gas powered cars)

  2. There are more fucked up places in the US than California.

    But California is working HARD HARD HARD to become New Jersey.

    It's just like California: the Left has discovered they like the taste of power and that they can't feel like they're in power unless they make people miserable.

    So yes, the "millionaire tax", the "trading tax", all of that, but also how 'bout a ban on plastic bags, paper bags, foam containers, and plastic straws during a period where everyone needs disposable wares because of health concerns?

    You may think it's easy to avoid New Jersey, but it isn't.

    Until a few weeks ago, we had some software update servers sitting on VPS nodes in New Jersey. What we needed was cheap, reliable bandwidth near the major global backbones and for the VPS operator to keep the lights on, which we found in New Jersey.

    And so we kept those VPS nodes running in place for almost an entire decade. They'd survived multiple corporate moves and a sale.

    But because some of what we do may look like a kind of activity that New Jersey could claim tax jurisdiction over, everything that was in New Jersey has been moved to Germany where we don't have those risks.

    The old VPS nodes are still running so a preventive roll-out of new credentials with the preferred DNS name can go out, just in case somewhere someone fudged the IP addresses into the config locally. That's actually happening through something called HAProxy which drops the traffic over an encrypted VPN link to one of the new servers, so none of the update code runs on the old VPS nodes.

    In a few days, that should be completely done, given that some of the customer systems don't come up for air except every week or so, and then we can finally say goodbye to New Jersey.

    Transferring the VPS systems out of New Jersey was interesting because of very noticeable traffic: ping times were about 50% to 60% higher than the month before, and despite having guaranteed 1000 Mbps bandwidth, we weren't even hitting 100 Mbps except in bursts. Of course, the congestion was outside the data center on NJ/NY connected peers.

    NYSE says they're going to move to a decentralized trading model so they can shut off their New Jersey data centers entirely if they're forced to do so for tax and regulatory reasons.

    They can't be the only ones planning a major digital exodus from New Jersey. Ours was relatively small, but we can't be the only ones who implemented a small digital exodus from New Jersey.

    As bad as California is and may become, it's not so bad that it's leading people to pack their digital moving trucks and redeploy systems elsewhere.

    Besides, Governerd Newtsome used his EO spidey powers to inflict this new "law" on California, and perhaps by 2035 there will be a new government in power to undo all of the damage that's been done by Governerd Newtsome, Governerd Moonbeam, Governerd Ahnuld, and so on.

    But New Jersey wants to win the Biggest Trash People in America award.

    Californians should be grateful for this because now there are people who can take the beatings instead. :-)