Tuesday, February 18, 2020


It's fun to pretend we don't need the rest of the world, but it just isn't true. I would start looking for chairs.


leaperman said...


Capital of Texas Refugee said...

Let me fix that for you both:

"2nd largest economy in the world: closed from coronavirus almost immediately after dumping twice as much QE into the money supply in preparation for post-holiday shopping bonanza"

Where did you think all of that extra green to buy Wall Street's brown came from?

she said: said...

Honestly - what do they even need us for at this point?

Capital of Texas Refugee said...

***** grand fanfare for the common man *****

America is China's purchaser of last resort!


leaperman said...

Burn baby, burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And this one! lmao....so TACKY


Your turn Tex...

Capital of Texas Refugee said...

Oooooh, Disco Inferno! I used to have this on vinyl!

But in a downtempo market, we need something more downtempo to note the passing of those Stolen Moments.

This I've had on vinyl and cassette, and I still have it on CD. :-)

But let's get all bluesy like down at Antone's in Austin ... or maybe even Austin City Limits.

The forecast calls for pain.

Oh, wow ... I was still in town back then, and I missed this???

Actually, I was probably at Steamboat 1876 with my girlfriend ...

she said: said...

I've always loved Robert Cray.

leaperman said...

I have it on eight track.
has a signed 8 track of an Elvis and Kenny Rogers.
Anyone interested?