Thursday, February 20, 2020

They aren't even counting the people on voluntary quarantine.

Coronavirus live updates: California has thousands in home quarantine, recession risk to U.S.

I'm going to go on record to say that we don't even know what the real number is in California because tech companies that have exposure are voluntarily having people self quarantine for two weeks.

I know this because this happened at Mr S's office. One person was in technical quarantine, the other person had just returned from Wuhan and the office had him voluntarily quarantine.

Mr S. found out about this about a week ago. That is when I realized I should take this whole thing a bit more seriously. I'm not even sure what the status of the person is who was NOT on voluntary quarantine. The other one came back this week. There is zero percent chance that all tech companies are not doing this too. They just are never going to be counted in the numbers.

It does give you a certain attitude though. While you limit crowds- what difference does it make now?

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    Maybe it's time to start taking a really good multi-vitamin with some zinc supplements, some calcium, and some magnesium to bump up your zinc levels?

    Remember that hard-to-read paper that I pointed you to?

    Zinc alone has limits to what it can do, but with magnesium, this stuff doesn't seem to hold up all that well.

    I've been taking 35-40 mg daily of zinc and then balancing it with calcium and magnesium so that I'm only gradually in excess of the maximum RDA for zinc, and so when I forget to take my vitamins one or two days per week, I'm still in decent shape ...

    This isn't my first dance with this kind of stuff, BTW.