Monday, February 17, 2020

Imma try to catch you up.

So.... it basically feels like summer here. This means I'm doing Spring stuff now. Like prepping the garden and thatching the lawn. I'm also trying out the new supply chain. The post China supply chain.

Luckily I'd already had most of this in motion before China went crazy. I ordered flooring made in Europe! I guess now since there are tariffs on Chinese goods - other countries have come out to play. And honestly.... just aside from the politics - it's just nice to have a product in the market that doesn't come from China. We are bored of Chinese Floors. Give us something new.


  1. I have a radical proposition to help get this going ... if you have the money. :-)

    Retailers are going to have to replace their Made in China stuff with something given the factory shutdowns in China, right?

    And there are plenty of other companies in other countries who can make that stuff, right?

    Would it really be awful for Made in Vietnam stuff to start showing up to replace all of it? Maybe some people wouldn't buy it, but I haven't noticed people giving a crap about where their picnic supplies, plastic bags, and other stuff like that happens to come from.

    So if you'd like to accelerate the process of replacement, start looking for the stuff you'd like to have replaced in shops and buy up what you'll need for the next few months anyway.

    That stuff's going to run out eventually, and the retailers are going to have to find replacement sources, so why not ...

    ... oh, yeah, wait for it ...


    There we go. :-)

  2. The only panicking I've done so far is to up my stock in toilet paper. LOL. Thats a thing. The preppers had their panties in a bunch about the wrong things. Apparently toilet paper is GOLD.

  3. Japanese government: "Japan asks residents to stop hoarding toilet paper amid coronavirus fears"

    Japanese people: "The only things more full of shit than Shinzo Abe are our toilets!"