Monday, February 17, 2020

I guess these are their daily drivers now.

I've known they've had them for a while, but I just find it ridiculous that the popo are driving them.


  1. I HATE some of the newer cars styling. They look like crushed boxes made out of plastic, that have melted.

    The rear ends are especially ugly. It's like a plastic pug dog mated with a plastic box that was on lsd.

  2. Yeah. Same. They all look like tennis shoes to me. They are all way too flared out.

  3. Caption:

    This is what the Fremont PD does with tax money when they're not out buying hookers and blow.

    People of Fremont, you should be ashamed ... for this!

    Hookers and blow are sold by respectable independent business people ... but vehicles from Tesla are not! :-)

  4. Texas,

    Hookers are honest and give good service for good money..

    Tesla, on the other gripping hand, knows they are neither fish nor fowl or good red meat.
    We know what they are; we're just negotiating the price...