Monday, December 23, 2019

Still alive but barely breathing.

I had to visit Fry's again because I read all these stories that the people who work at Fry' have been telling people that inventory was suppose to arrive any minute now. There was a rumor they were going to become a consignment only store or something like that. Which is code for going out of business. I figured if they really were going to get inventory - it would be for Christmas - right?

Nope. I expected as much. I didn't even take many pictures because nothing much has changed. The empty isles are evident right at the front now. It is super fascinating they still get people to work there at all. Everyone must ask them the same questions.

I was taking pictures in the computer department when one of the workers looked at me. So I asked him - where is all of your inventory? He replied - we sold out. I said - you must have had a good holiday season then, right? He replied they had. I sort of liked that they had come up with a new story. I think no one was believing the trade war one.

When I met back up with Mr S. I relayed the conversation. He's like - well,  he is "technically" correct. (which is the best kind of correct) they just aren't restocking. Me - well, you've run circles around me logically.

They were still handing out Fry;s credit cards though. LOL.

The TV department.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeMonday, December 23, 2019 9:15:00 PM

    I wound up getting third or fourth-hand scuttlebutt about this ...

    Apparently Fry's purchasers think they spend too much cash money on inventory.

    They would "like" to convince vendors to place merchandise on "consignment" with them on the basis that they'd take this inventory back in a certain amount of time if it doesn't sell.

    This presupposes a lot of things and is probably typical of Fry's management in general, believing that they're The King Shit when it comes to everything instead of just another brick-and-mortar business that's really not so special when you get down to it.

    A part of this lack of products on shelves, if this scuttlebutt is true, comes from the fact that most vendors have not only said no, but also "and fuck you, and fuck the horse you rode in on, and especially let the horse fuck you as well while he keeps saying 'neigh' on our behalf".

    *ahem* :-)

    My third or fourth-hand source also says that they Stealth Closed(tm) all but one of their locations they had in the Southeast ...

    Now the one in A-Hole North is the only store in the Southeast.

    It's not even worth bothering with a stop now.

    Barbecue? Yes. Fry's? No.

  2. Not only are they still handing out credit cards, the employees are most likely getting hassled like hell to SIGN UP ALL THE PEOPLE for new cards. And god forbid that they don't make their quota for the week.....Every retailer that does CCs is pretty fanatic about it, but the closer they get to bankruptcy the crazier they become about it.

  3. That is an interesting comment Ruth. I'd love to see that in action because there isn't much to buy these days.

    Walks up to checker with a bottled of water.

    Checker - would you like to get a dollar off by opening a Frys credit cards account?

    Me- Sure!

    Texas Refugee - I also have heard the rumors. But no good company is going to do that. Only crappy companies who can't sell their products anyway. They should just sell the land for condos and ride into the sunset. Their employee overhead has to be more expensive than the few actual sales they are getting. If no buyer has stepped up yet, you know people just feel like they will get them cheaper in bankruptcy.