Monday, December 09, 2019

I guess not.

This is what they said in October.

Only JPMorgan Can Fill WeWork’s $47 Billion Hole.

Now? I guess Goldmans is bailing out Softbank. Like when you need your parents to co-sign a loan.

Goldman Jumps Into WeWork Cleanup With Debt-Financing Plan.

I guess all of them are going in knuckles deep. I thought Goldmans, Softbank and JP Morgan were number one two and three as far as the investors in WeWork. But it won't matter. The FED is there to bail everyone out as long as your name is Goldmans or JP Morgan.


  1. The Bankruptcy dance:

    Naw. Just shittin' ya.

  2. The Jeff Bezos Blog: "Only JPMorgan Can Fill WeWork’s $47 Billion Hole."

    "I guess all of them are going in knuckles deep ..."

    $47 billion is elbow depth, but it's nice to see that I wasn't the only one who saw the pr0n angle first. :-)

  3. Texas,

    They went in deeper than that.
    So far in that their head are sticking out of 'we work's' mouth hole.

    The are all 'gettin' in'

    Get it?

    look at the license of the car in the url link....
    Do dat monkey dance!