Saturday, December 28, 2019

Now they just need to start making bumpers bigger.


  1. Massachusetts: A state redder than communist Russia was.
    Berkeley can't even compare to it, though Portland is trying hard.

  2. Am I really so bad for wanting Florida's "Dixie Highway" to be renamed?

    War on history advances on Dixie Highway.

    But I don't want to name this stretch of road (which is mostly US 1) in Florida after what these people want to name it after ...

    I want to name it The War of Northern Aggression Highway, especially given the states through which it travels after it leaves Ol' Dixie, and I want to see Georgia and South Carolina at the very least get in on this action by doing the same.

    Because if these jackasses can get triggered over something that's been largely ignored for decades, I figure it's time to really piss them off so they'll croak on their own self-induced cardiac arrests.

    I remember when these kinds of fuckers wanted to rename Slaughter Lane in South Austin and gave everyone an ear full of their "but it's so horrible" bullshit.

    Well, there's one thing Austin got right: Slaughter Lane's still there and so's Slaughter Creek.

    Not that they're even close to batting 100% or even a passing 70% these days, but it's pretty bad when The Hippie Capital of Texas can do something better than Florida.

    If denizens of the Serene and Glorious People's Republic of Austin would only get around to renaming Manchaca Road to MANSHACK ROAD like it's pronounced by all of the locals, then they'll be getting somewhere. :-)

    But back to that vehicle: do you know what that sticker advertises to me?

    Let me give you a hint. :-)



    That's what. :-)

    Now if you'll 'scuse me and let me take three steps toward my noise maker, I have some Lynyrd Skynyrd to play for Massachusetts. :-)

  3. Did it have MA plates too?

    I can still drop into that accent without thinking about it, usually when I'm trying to annoy the hell out of my non-MA raised parents! Wicked Pissah ;)

  4. I didn't look. It lives on my block so the next time I see it I will look.