Sunday, December 08, 2019

I show up late to the party, but I eventually get there.

Update - These lights turn themselves on and off on their own. And it works I guess! I thought the timer would be bullshit, but it actually works. Loves that.

Last year I didn't get any lights up. When we went to put them up we found out the old ones were damaged. This year I started new in the summer - before they started jacking up prices.

I got a giant box of tiny led lights.

They start out looking like tassels.

And you have to spread them all out.

Eventually I had a huge pile.

The funny thing is - each box came with a remote. Because everything right now has to have a tiny remote.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeSunday, December 08, 2019 9:30:00 PM

    "This year I started new in the summer - before they started jacking up prices."

    Oh, didn't you know?

    Those lights sell year-round for a reason.

    Why, you'd have to be a real sucka to pay retail for those lights around Christmas.

    If anything, the Jewish guys around you probably thought you were really awesome to be helping get everything for the Sukkot festival so far ahead. :-)

  2. Ok, those are cool looking, what are they?

  3. Ruth - They are called LED firework Lights. On amazon.

    Texas Refugee - I don't understand this festival. The only reason I'm in for any of this crap is for the food. All holidays are food holidays to me.

  4. What the hell. How many remotes IS that?

    No Ham or turkey or roast for you.
    Heathen! :) :)

  5. "No ham or turkey or roast for you."

    Turkey's fine, but ham I can't eat because of pork-cat allergy.

    As for beef, I am very lucky that I can eat it: many people with this allergy can't handle it, but it's actually the best meat for me.

    I'm also Buddhist, not Jewish ...

    We have plenty of Christian Buddhists and Jewish Buddhists though -- I suppose they think that Buddha and Bodhidharma are just regional prophets or something similar, I've never asked how they think that works.

    "I don't understand this festival."

    This of all of the Jewish festivals you should understand: it's a harvest festival, but it's also a survivalist festival.

    So it's Jewish Thanksgiving, and yes, they have a feast.

    But for you it's obviously a celebration of cheap Christmas lights being available during the middle of the year ... :-)

  6. "What the hell. How many remotes IS that?"

    Like 20.