Friday, September 14, 2018

The weak are starting to squeak.

There is news out today that a well known Augmented Reality company has "suspended operations" after losing a critical Chinese investor due to the trade wars. I'm not going to name them or give you a link because while I've seen this company, I don't want to give them bad press. All of you people are smart. I've given you enough information to find it if you were curious.

I will say again - I am not a fan of trade wars. However, we are overly exposed to China and that company shows exactly why.

If one Chinese investor can shutter your whole business - that is a huge problem. I wonder how many other start ups are vulnerable. I would bet a lot.

Now to be sure... Augmented Reality companies over saturated the market and under delivered.  Perhaps they would have gone belly up without this funding anyway. But I think we've depended too much on foreign investment.


  1. I had to look it up & I'm still not sure what an Augmented Reality company is..

  2. It's sort of sad that the best example I can give you is from the weather channel showing how flooding will affect you.

    There is almost no reason to clutter your brain with what it is, but at least you have an example now.