Saturday, September 01, 2018

Your sometimes dose of cultural enrichment.

Artist Red Wolf.  I was really pleased at the dimensionality that came out with this shot. I think the artist would be pleased too. He was a super interesting guy. We talked about photonics, and the materials he used for the colors. It is what they use in the holograms on Canadian money.

This was my favorite piece and I didn't even get the artists name. If he ever see's this shot - I will attribute him.

Artist Michael Gard.

These pieces came out of Feather Fantasies. All made of feathers. And a very clever use of them.

Artist Joan Rasmussen.

Artist Onyx V Crimbal.

Artist Tom Boardman. He's got video of it moving youtube. It's a little overproduced, but dudes love that. It was super hypnotic though.

I will say that ~all~ of the artists were more than happy to share their stuff. I was somewhat surprised by how open they were they were this year.

Except this guy. Time McClendon. I wish I could have shown you more of his work because it really was beautiful.

Since everyone has a cellphone - I figured everyone had all gotten with the program by now. It's impossible to get people not to take photos of your stuff. It's just ridiculous to ask in a public event that you paid to get into. And I get it - there are a million videos on youtube explaining how to do this. Yet not everyone has the right touch or the inclination to copy your work. But you have to accept that people will.

This guy has been coming for years and no one attributes him. But he never shuts you down when taking photos. So essentially the stuff from the top photo is coping the guy from the below photo.  And honestly if I wanted to be a dick I'd just take a long range shot.

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