Tuesday, September 25, 2018

I'm so bummed. Mr S. called to say that the shop told him that they'd reached the point where insurance tells them to stop taking it apart. And they'd only gotten to the cosmetic stuff. I think the only panels on the car that weren't damaged were the doors. Scratch that.  I guess the quarter panels were pushed into the doors. They don't even know if the frame was affected.

The hood - top and bottom front quarter panels. The rear bumper, which basically is most of the back of the car were torched.  I guess the trunk hood was still fine.

It was the kind of car that you could fix if you just watched some youtube videos. I'm sad!


  1. Disposable consumption leads to a disposable society.

    How far left has these disunited states come?

    Go to google and type in white american family.
    Look at the images.

    or type in american inventors and do the same.
    Do you notice anything?

    Here is something more to ponder.


  2. I'm not motivated to do any of those things. The video was funny though.

  3. You could go to the auction where the wreck will be sold and bid on it ...

    If you win, plan on rebuilding your damaged beast in your garage for more than a few weekends though.