Tuesday, September 25, 2018

That boring SUV I got you a few days ago...... It might have just turned into one of the rarest cars I've ever seen. And that makes me laugh. Because MEH.

I guess dealerships are not stocking them. Which MR S. found really odd. I'm going to paraphrase, but his philosophy is that car manufacturers have dealerships for a reason. It's so they can get money earlier in the process. And going to a direct from the manufacturer system interrupts that process.

Tesla could do that because they didn't have any infrastructure. So that model worked for them. But Audi has an enormous infrastructure.  Mr S. thinks that not enough dealerships thought they would sell, and therefore didn't order them. But Audi has now given them cover.

I just think it's funny that a week ago, this was going to be a Tesla killer. BUT NOT WITH THAT BUSINESS MODEL.

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