Tuesday, September 04, 2018

That guy really needed to work on his sales pitch.

There are church groups who send people through the neighborhoods to beg for money. Or collect donations for whatever. They are always from some under advantaged group.

Sometimes you open the door and the guy is wreaking of alcohol. No bid deal though. Until yesterday.

Guy knocks on the door. I wasn't going to answer it, but I eventually did. The guy is practically by the driveway at this point. He stops and says something to me. It might have been something like nice neighborhood. Then he asks - have you ever been to Chicago?

I look at him and say NOPE.

Then he starts pulling up his sleeve to reveal a giant scar which he indicated was a gun shot wound. Then walks back to hand me a booklet and see if I will bite and give him some money.

I look at the book and say - I know you are trying to get money. I'm not interested. Which agitates him. Oh -so you want me to go back to gang banging?

I reply - It's not up to me. He just walks off in a huff.

I was completely shocked. I don't know if that was tailored for chicks because I can't see that going over well with men.

I guess more than anything it sort of pissed me off. I mean, I haven't been shot - but I lived in East Palo Alto during Loma Prietta. At the time EPA had some of the highest crime in the nation. So I kinda felt like bitch - you don't know me.


  1. My aunt lived in Hell's Kitchen as a kid (adopted aunt) and she couldn't wait to get the fuck out of there as a kid.

    People need to take responsibility. People make places shit holes, not places making people do bad things.

  2. The only way to not repeat the cycle is to run. For as long as your legs will take you.

    I do worry about the next group they send through the neighborhoods though. Maybe the next guy will just rob me. That was pretty in your face.

  3. "The only way to not repeat the cycle is to run ..."

    No, it's not enough.

    The cycle won't return to you if those people are afraid of you.

    Sometimes shitholes just need to burn as an example to others.

    Sometimes shitty situations can be resolved by showing the would-be antagonists that you can burn them out of house and home.

    There are places and people I avoid, however ...

    ... because I know that if it comes to a question of whether to burn them down or not, I had my answer a long time ago.

    My avoidance of these places and people is an act of kindness.

    It's the kind of kindness only people who have had to fight a war can understand.

    So ... that guy you dealt with ...

    "Everybody's got shit in their lives, everybody's got a book about how bad it is for ME, ME, ME ... I've seen too much shit to give a fuck, and I've dealt with too much shit to care about that. Talk to some nicer people than me, see if they'll give you money."

    So far that position has worked on hard-core felons, murderers, drug dealers, gang bangers. It leaves relatively law-abiding normal people in shock when they hear that kind of thing.

    Samson says, "Yeah, go ahead, give me a haircut, see what that'll get you ..."

    No, even these people understand that when Samson shrugs, shit's going down.

    Better just leave Samson alone while he's holding stuff up.

    Besides, there are nicer people who also have money.

  4. More Power to ya Baby.

    I sort of feel like people would rather fight than solve problems. I mean, Olympic level fighters. Thats' not my jam. I view most people as boulders to which I have to find a way to get around.

    So yeah... I guess you could say I'm a bit of a runner. Maybe it's the difference between men and women. I'm not shaped like an upside down triangle with huge pectoral muscles. Where just being big is a warning sign.