Monday, July 16, 2018

Yep. Confirmed shit hole.

"More human poop on San Francisco sidewalks ‘than I’ve ever seen,’ new mayor says."

"Breed, 43, won a June 12 election to fill out the term of late mayor Edwin Lee, who died in December. She is the city’s first African-American mayor." (emphasis mine)

Huh. I guess Don Sweeney has never heard of Willy Brown.  Because Google is hard Ya'all.

I don't have any hopes for this new Major. She is a clone of Libby Shaft. The homeless in SF have been intense for decades. It's a whole nuther level of poor. I don't think I've been up there in a year or two. So if everyone is bitching about it, it must be super crazy.


  1. The only thing they are proving is they failed society. And until people stop trying to score political points - the real problem will never be solved. These people are mentally ill. Most have been on the street for decades. The past decade had only glorified living on the streets when they should have been telling people that if they ever sleep one night on the streets, chances are they will wind up there forever. The people who make it off the street are a rarity.

    I went to juvenile hall and as I was leaving they told me - you will be back. I was like - the hell I am. But just like the streets - chances are .... you will never leave.

  2. I've been about as close to homelessness as you can get without being homeless with zero family backup. I considered living in a public storage unit. I lived in a van for a while. Why do you think I watch these people so much? It's a warning to keep your shit together and keep on the treadmill.

    I'm happy to hear you made it out, but that is not the norm. If you go through the camps these are chronically homeless people that have been there for a ~very~ long time. They are pretty much incapable of caring for themselves at this point. They even fail at camping. Every other month one of these camps is burning down. It's complete insanity because they are right next to houses. And the long term homeless rob resources that might help people from starting down that path.

    Hell in Southern California they are spending 3 million dollars to house 45 homeless people.

    Why does it cost so much you say? Well it's because they are using an international architecture firm who's decided that these 45 people need a 700,000 dollar deck. Oh, and they can't be housed by the freeway because that would be inhuman. The amount of resources this small group of people is overwhelming the budgets of cites. They spend millions to clean these sites up.

    In Oakland they now want to tax landlords to pay for homeless. It's INSANITY.

    It's suppose to be hell living on the streets. In eureka the homeless are so bad they just pull down their pants and sit right on the public trash cans and take a dump. I just can't believe this is acceptable to anyone. Tons of people hit hard times. Most don't wind up on the streets forever.

  3. Capital of Texas RefugeeSunday, July 22, 2018 5:35:00 PM

    I'm trying to figure out why I would go back to SF again ...

    No, really, hear me out on this one, it's not just an anti-SF rant.

    What's in SF for me?

    A few banks (that I can deal with elsewhere).

    Some tech companies (who will deal with me elsewhere).

    Perhaps a few parts companies for large orders (when I'm not buying smaller quantities from Mouser and Newark Electronics).

    Maybe a design house or two (who will not give me a better experience than flying directly to Shenzhen where I can get the full design boutique and parts supply chain experience).

    What about visiting for the tourist LOLZ?

    I don't like SFO and I'd rather fly through LAX.

    If I'm doing slow travel, I'd also rather travel through Los Angeles.

    So why would I go out of my way to visit SF?

    There are now plenty of hipsters and deluded Leftists in every major US city.

    Fisherman's Wharf? I've had a better experience at St. Lawrence Market in Toronto.

    Remember Dirty SF of Dirty Harry Callahan and how ugly much of SF was before the days of Silicon Valley, back when SF depended on insurance companies, banks, and a few industrial engineering companies to keep it afloat? (Oh, wait, I forgot, you're not that old. *grin*)

    That ugliness never left SF, but there's a new ugliness in town to go along with it.

    Why do SF hipsters moan about the homeless yet never agree to do anything substantive to eliminate the homeless problem?

    Multiple choice:
    1.) They want to treat these people like pets;
    2.) They want to look like they care without actually caring;
    3.) They want to pretend diversity also means economic diversity regardless of whether it also brings with it a drag on the local economy;
    4.) They want to sound like they are "better people" than you are;

    The Streets of San Francisco (not a Quinn Martin production) are full of shit, and it's not just from the homeless people ...

    So that's why I don't need to visit SF.