Friday, July 13, 2018

Autocorrect has made it into my dreams.

I was just trying to contact my insurance agent because someone had gone crazy the way I want to. By stealing a bulldozer and just running over shit. In my dream he really destroyed the neighborhood. But every time I tried to look the number up, auto correct would swoop in and make it so I couldn't. No matter what device I was on.

My whole dream was just trying to get ahold of my insurance agent and being thwarted by auto correct.

As a side segue - last night Mr S. and I were watching the news. Now, whenever there is an incident they do an areal map of the area with streets overlayed. I turned to him and said - thank goodness our house looks awesome from space now. (My refurbished deck is already showing up, and it looks awesome from the sky.)

He responded to me with something like - for when you go crazy? And I stopped him. I said.... come on... we all do it. If someone goes crazy and they show their house from the sky and it looks a mess - you are like.. we'll yeah. Of course they went crazy. Look at their house!

But if it looks really nice from they sky you are like - huh. I wonder what happened there?

Autocorrect is a complete asshole though. How ridiculous that we have all learned some sort of pigeon English because of auto correct? Half the time I don't even try to correct autocorrect because at this point you are like ... it's close enough. They will get it.

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